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Archives: December 2010

This week I got my first Christmas present of the season. My boyfriend took me to the Wisconsin Humane Society to check out the cuddly creatures they have available for adoption. Before I went, though – I took a sneak peak at the animals.

I was able to do that with the Wisconsin Humane Society’s iPhone app. Roll Mobile worked with the Humane Society to create an iPhone application to promote the available animals for adoption, to generate donations, and to provide a mobile tool for people to plan their visit to the Wisconsin Humane Society.

Using the app, I scrolled through the various animals available for adoption and fell for a 6 month old gray kitty named Bear. Once we arrived at the Humane Society though, we spoke to an adoption counselor who advised us to bring a younger animal into our home in order to safely integrate it to live with our current pet, a Quaker parrot named Salami. That’s when I fell in love with a 2 month old kitten named Montana.


Cookie, the newest member of our family

When I began this blog post I thought it would be neat to show a screenshot of my pet from the app. However, because the app pulls the latest and greatest information from the website, I wasn’t able to view my pet’s page within the app because she had already found a home. This is good news for users of the app because you can be sure you won’t fall in love with a critter and arrive at the Humane Society only to find he or she has been adopted already.

“We’re excited to launch this app, which will help our adopters find the right companion animal,” said Anne Reed, executive director of WHS. “The app will provide instant and up-to-date information about animals who are looking for a new home, and will help potential adopters plan their visit ahead of time.”

The team at Roll Mobile took great care to use our creative and technical expertise to best fit the needs of the Humane Society and their customers. We’re happy with the result: a free app available in the iTunes store that you can use to browse not only kittens like Cookie (my new name for Montana) but also dogs, other small animals, and rehabilitated wildlife. Within the app you are able to filter animals based on type of animal, location, and gender. You can also bookmark your furry friend for quick reference at a later time, or share through email, Facebook, or Twitter. The app also accepts PayPal donations, so you can support the WHS right from your iPhone.

Good thing Roll worked on this app or I never would have met Cookie, my family’s new pet. She is visiting the Roll Mobile offices today and having a blast!

WHS_ScreenShot_2 WHS_ScreenShot_3 WHS_ScreenShot_9


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