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Archives: January 2011

Even grandparents have Facebook pages, now. Social media is no longer a fad; it’s a trend. Which means it’s here to stay, even if its form morphs and evolves over time.

But like any trend, there are those elements that hinder its growth and opportunities.

For social media, I see that hindrance being the widespread acceptance of quantity over quality. Twitter, Facebook, and blogging platforms such as WordPress and Tumblr make it easy for us to publish our every thought. Couple the ease of use with the fact that mobile devices allow us to do this from anywhere and at anytime, and suddenly people are communicating their thoughts louder and more often than ever.

This is both, good and bad. Everyone has a say, now. No longer do the voices of just a few get to represent that of the masses. Injustices, no matter how big or small, have a harder time flying under the radar. This can be great.

But on the downside, when everyone has a voice, it’s difficult to hear what any one person is saying in the group, then. Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should.

The great actors of our time film one, maybe two movies in the course of a year despite them being handed hundreds of scripts. They are serious about waiting for the right project that has a focused, interesting, unique direction that puts some sort of spin on the stories that everyone else is telling on the big screen. Quality over quantity.

Social media, however, is becoming the porn star of the communication medium. Porn stars film dozens and dozens of movies every year. Quantity over quality.

In social media, you find that filter slowly disappearing and some people are putting every thought out there whether it’s unique, interesting, or not. Just because they can. This can be in the form of tweets proclaiming the consumption of cereal, this morning! Or it can be the machine gun publishing of daily blog posts in lieu of slowing down and taking ones time to craft a focused, distinct, tightly-edited weekly essay.

Because the chatter is so loud, and being expunged so fast and furiously, many of us feel the need to match that in order to have our own messages not get lost in the masses. It becomes sensory overload after a while.

Like a garden, you need to do a little planning and maintaining. You don’t spread the seeds everywhere. You put a row here and a row there. Sometimes, you have to wait until the next season before adding something new. If you add everything, every flower, fruit, or vegetable will be fighting with one another in the garden for sunlight and nutrients, and nothing will grow well or flourish. Then, you just end up with a lot of nothing. We could stand to learn a little from this, when monitoring our own social media tendencies.

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