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Archives: April 2011

A year later, and the iPad has successfully survived infancy in the wild. In fact, its new sibling was also released to the wild just a month ago in the iPad 2, with great fanfare and back-orders. No longer do you hear debates of whether we need Tablets in a world already filled with laptops and handheld mobile devices. That debate ended in a landslide.

In fact, the iPad has been a useful tool for those of us at Roll Mobile as we’re building and researching apps and mobile websites.

dustinimageRoll’s lead Technical Architect, Dustin Halyburton, was the first one in our office to get an original iPad a year ago, the morning of its release. Dustin is the man behind Roll’s mobile curtain. It’s his vision that is the basis for how Roll Mobile’s apps are then developed. The MasterLock Vault, Wisconsin Humane Society, and MKE Traffic apps are just some of his work.

Recently, Dustin traded in his original for the new iPad 2. And as not only an original user, but one whose job is to naturally look at everything from a user-experience angle, Dustin had some immediate thoughts on this latest offering.

The newish shape and shifting of where the buttons are, compared to the original, have taken some getting used to.

“But I like the shape for holding in my hand,” said Dustin. “I’m not a fan of the backing not being protected, but that’s just a matter of time.”

No doubt the addition of cameras to the device caused a modification to the case styles for the next generation device. One of the new style of cases uses a folding approach that allows you to peel back the case in segments, which then allows an almost origami-esque transformation into different kinds of stands for the device. This case allows the iPad to stand upright without the teetering effect of the old case. Additionally, the new folding case also contains magnets that when peeled back, unlock your device automatically rather than making you unlock it manually. An underrated little step-saving addition.

“I love that it is snappier, apps load faster, and that the lighter weight is nice for using it as a reader.” Considering the new iPad has added cameras, yet is still noticeably lighter than its predecessor, is a testament to the thought and craftsmanship behind the new device. The new screen is easier to see and includes improved brightness controls and auto-dimming that finally seems to work, unlike that of the original device.

“Still, I wish they would have moved the speaker to the front rather than keeping it toward the back on the bottom. Otherwise, I think it is slick.”

With a month under your belts now, what are your thoughts on the latest Apple offspring in comparison to its predecessor?

Bruce_DierbeckBruce is the Director of Client Services at Roll Mobile.

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