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Archives: July 2011

photo 1FREE.



Now I’ve got your attention. How exactly do you WIN this free pizza for a year? Start by getting yourself down to Summerfest.

Hit up the north end of Summerfest, by the Skyglider. There you’ll find Zaffiro’s pizza.

Once there, you can locate a QR code to easily share the message on Facebook or Twitter. Employees are on location wearing tshirts with the QR codes on them, and giving people temporary tattoos. They also hold ‘pizza paddle’ signs with the codes on them and have posted codes near the menus. The prefilled text looks like this:


“I nommed @zaffirospizza at #summerfest for a chance to win free pizza for a year! #letsfest”

For those interested in the ‘behind the scenes’ ‘director’s cut’ edition: The QR code links to a page on Zaffiro’s website using the link shortening service (we like this service vs or another such service because it allows you to change the destination link).

The landing page has options to share on Facebook and Twitter.

When you select the icon of your social media of choice, the phrase is prefilled into the text box. From there you can share it. The Facebook post was developed using a Facebook application which pulls a Zaffiro’s logo and some prefilled text about the restaurant, and once you’ve shared to your page, you land on the Zaffiro’s fan page where you can ‘like’ their page.

Now that you’ve shared the message, when the world’s largest music festival is over and you have the blues, you will have something to look forward to: hopefully you’ll win the year of Zaffiro’s pizza!

Good luck!



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