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BLOG@ROLL: Can your smartphone help you win the Great Milwaukee Race?

Posted Thursday, May 26th, 2011 under anne munkwitz, mobile platforms, tourism, travel

gmr-logoRoll Mobile is a proud sponsor of the Great Milwaukee Race. That means we’ll be helping out at the event on June 18th, helping man a clue stop (we can’t tell you which one – that would spoil the surprise!).

Not familiar with the Great Milwaukee Race? It’s basically a scavenger hunt across Milwaukee. It’s a mix of physical and mental challenges, a battle to the finish line at AJ Bombers, and a day full of fun for 75 teams of 2-4 people.

iphone-androidEach team will decipher clues to various locations around downtown Milwaukee and perform the challenges at each location in order to receive a stamp on their passport. Among last year’s challenges were three-legged racing, wheelbarrow racing, wordsearch puzzles, trivia questions, and tossing bags – to name a few.

Using your phone to help you solve the clues is acceptable – even encouraged! The race committee advises you to brush up on your knowledge of Milwaukee landmarks.

One way to do that would be to download and explore Milwaukee with the Travel Wisconsin™ iPhone® and Android™ apps – created right here in the Roll Mobile laboratories. Both are available for FREE download from the App Store and Android Market.

Next, get ready to run! Expect to cover between six to eight miles on race day depending on how efficient you are are planning your route. Teams may walk, run or use public transportation (but no bikes or cars allowed).

Then, get ready to collect your prizes — they will be awarded to the top ten finishing teams.


We chatted with the race director and came up with some hints that may be helpful to your team on race day.

Is your smartphone up to the task?

  • Phone – Phone a friend
  • SMS – Text a friend, because really, who calls anyone anymore?
  • Google – Use Google to search clue information and check the web for answers
  • Navigation/Maps – Access navigation to guide you to your destination if you’re not familiar with the area.
  • Camera – Take pictures of your team (may be necessary to complete challenges or bonuses!)
  • QR Code reader – There might be codes to scan on the course. In the case that there are, here are our recommendations for code scanning apps:
    • Android – Barcode Scanner, Google Goggles
    • Windows/Blackberry – BeeTagg, Scanlife
    • iPhone – AT&T, QRReader, RedLaser, TagReader

At the time of this post there are still 5 team spots left in the race. Register now!



anne_roll_imageAnne Munkwitz is a Project Manager at Roll Mobile. She is a fitness fanatic and Twitter addict. Suggestions for a BLOG@ROLL topic or inquiries about how YOU can be mobile can be sent to or on Twitter via @RollMobile.

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