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BLOG@ROLL: We’ve got spirit, yes we do!

Posted Friday, September 23rd, 2011 under mobile platforms

“I’m really proud of you. And not in a condescending way. You’re good at your job.”

I beamed as my boss, Sara, confirmed that the reason she called me into her office wasn’t to fire me, as that little voice in our heads sometimes worry, but it was to give me a little pat on the back for a job well done — something she makes sure to do for every member of this team.rollteam

Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed here at Roll. Not only did Sara let me know how she felt, but she also told me that one of the members of my team came to her to say they felt I handled a situation well, and that I’m a good coach. She went on to tell me that I set the tone for the team to remain positive when we really could have had a crappy attitude about some challenging work and demanding deadlines. I smiled and said thank you, hoping that in those two small words I could convey how thrilled I was at her positive energy, and that HER attitude and energy is what trickled down to help me handle that very situation.

During the challenging project we discussed that day, Sara wasn’t always available to step in, nor did I want her to. She advised me a few times when I presented her with solutions I was considering, but for the most part told me ‘“I trust you”. Never once did she check up on me or step in to undermine my direction. She had my back. She let me ‘roll’ with the punches (pun thrown in for Bruce’s benefit). She allowed me to learn from it. Having that freedom to make decisions and see things through to completion, will undoubtedly make me a better project manager going forward. The stress gave me confidence, the team gave me strength, and the challenge of the project inspired me.

As a project manager and the face to our clients, I want them to know that I’m on their side. I’ll be their cheerleader and their advocate and the champion of the project as it goes through our internal process. I can tell the client with confidence that we’ll bring them an amazing finished product, because I trust my team to bring it, whether the going is good or there are stormy seas ahead.

I’m supported by wonderfully gifted people who are amazing at what they do, and who bring to light new discussions and techniques that make our clients literally say ‘Wow’. When it comes time to share our work with clients, I am EXCITED to show them what we’ve done. I can’t wait for them to see how much thought and care we’ve put into their project, and for them to be excited about their customer’s reaction to their new launch. I’m lucky to be the face they see when that’s the case, because everyone loves to be the bearer of good news, right?

But what about when I’m the bearer of no-so-good news? It’s reassuring to know that in a tricky situation, under stressful deadlines and demanding expectations, I’m backed up by a boss and a team that will shine and come through in the end.

This post isn’t to brag that I’m good at my job. It’s about how I learned what talents I bring to my role. That to my team and to my clients, I’m a cheerleader, a coach, a champion, an advocate, and a leader. And it’s about how the talents each member of our team brings to the table are just as crucial to our success as the things that I’m good at. As part of this team, knowing that the specific characteristics that make you, YOU, are valued, and when we can use them to rise to the occasion and make a client say “Wow”, well…

THAT’S what this post, and the team at Roll, is all about.


anne-icon-new2Anne Munkwitz is a Project Manager at Roll Mobile. She is a fitness fanatic and Twitter addict. Suggestions for a BLOG@ROLL topic or inquiries about how YOU can be mobile can be sent to or on Twitter via @RollMobile.

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