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PRESS ROLL-LEASE: Telling the Truth mobile site

Posted Wednesday, November 30th, 2011 under Android, iPad, iPhone, mCommerce, mobile marketing, mobile platforms, mobile websites, Press Release

The Roll Mobile team partnered with Telling the Truth to develop a mobile site that would represent their full site. The site was launched last week, and we couldn’t be happier with it.

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The mission: to create a clean, simple, easy to navigate site that reflects the Telling the Truth ministry, while including a call to action on each page to guide listeners and donors straight to where they want to be. On each page, as is standard for us, we’ve added a link to the full version of site.

The design: From the beginning, the client had established design standards and colors for consistency, which helped us mirror their brand in the mobile design. The result was a remarkably beautiful mobile website.

Broadcast: The focus of the project was the daily broadcast – an ability to stream the daily half-hour broadcast in a click or two, while also showcasing their current gift offer that comes with donations. Additionally, there needed to be a way to donate online via mobile device, sign up for daily devotional emails, and get a high level introduction to the faces of the Telling the Truth ministry.

About the Briscoes: For those who are new to the ministry, About Us was also made mobile – this is high level background about each of the Briscoes, served up in a simple, clean page with an expandable ‘accordion’ option. This negates any potential crowding on the page until the user chooses to expand the section they’d like to read more of.

Daily Broadcast: The podcast presented us with a few challenges. Using HTML5 for audio playback is the new preferred standard, but support is still inconsistent among even the newest phones. Our solution was to use HTML5, but if it’s not supported, fall back to a direct link to the audio file. Between both methods, nearly all phones are able to play the podcast. While we took care of the complexities of cross-browser compatibility, the user only sees a single button: “Listen Now”.

The result: The site accomplished Telling The Truth’s mission, in a bright and beautiful mobile display. The client is pleased with Roll’s mobile solution, as it allows people to bookmark the podcast page and return daily to listen straight from their devices – perhaps at the gym or in their car – without going through the added step of adding it to a podcasting feed and using a separate mp3 player to listen. In the future, as devices become more standardized, there may be a more clean way to accomplish listening to past or future episodes of the podcast, which we’ll explore in future phase improvements.

* * * * *

Telling The Truth can now be viewed at or via a mobile redirect when visiting with your mobile device.

OR, to jump right to it, scan the QR code –>



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